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First steps

Let's set up Peeks Customer Feedback in less than 5 minutes.

(PS, there might be a couple of Lifetime Deals left, get one now and never have to pay for a Peeks subscription again)

What you'll need

  • a website you want to get feedback from
  • an email address to receive customer feedback on
  • the ability to add a simple code snippet to your website

Sign up and choose your Account Plan

Sign up on the Peeks Portal by adding a sign up email and password.

After signing up you'll need to verify your email address by clicking the verification link sent to the email you signed up with.

This will then sign you in to the Peeks Portal and you'll immediately be redirected to the Account page.

Choosing your Account Plan

Choose one of the plans appropriate for your needs.

Also add your business details, like the email you'd like to receive invoices on(mandatory), your business telephone number(optional), business address(optional) and company registration number(optional).

Save your account details on the top right of the page by clicking the Save button.

You will then be redirected to the Dashboard, where you can add your first website to set up Peeks.

Adding Peeks to your website

Create Peeks Website

Next, we have to create a profile for your website on the Peeks system.

Click the ADD WEBSITE button and give your website a name. Click the newly created Peeks website listing to be taken to your Website Details page.

There you can set things like;

  • the name of your website
  • the email address where you'd like to receive feedback on

When you add Peeks to your website and reload it for the first time, your website URL will be permanently locked to this unique Peeks profile. This means the websites' Peeks profile will ONLY work from that URL host.

This is done in order to prevent abuse and spam.


If you would like to set up Peeks on localhost, staging and production, for instance, you would need to create a different Peeks Website for each.

Installing Peeks on WordPress

Peeks is not on the official WordPress plugin registry yet, since it's still in alpha, but you can download and install the plugin manually.

Peeks WordPress Plugin

On your Website Details page, scroll down to the WordPress section, where you'll find

  • a link to Google Drive with the Peeks WordPress Plugin

  • your website's unique Peeks Key

    After downloading the plugin, called, head over to your WordPress admin page. Peeks WordPress Plugin

Click on Plugins on the left, click Add New on the top of the page and then Upload Plugin. You can then select and upload the plugin file and activate it.

Then click on Settings > Peeks. Paste your website profile Peeks Key into the API Key input field. Then click save. Then head over to your website home page and refresh the page. Your Peeks widget should load within a couple of seconds.

Peeks WordPress Plugin

Installing Peeks on Webflow

Peeks WordPress Plugin On your Website Details, scroll down and click to copy your widget code.

Then head over to your Webflow editor and click on the W on the top left of the editor and then Project Settings. Then after the Webflow Project Settings page loads, click on the Custom Code heading on the top right.

Paste the widget code into the Head Code section and hit save. Then click to publish.

Visit your Webflow website and presto! Your Peeks widget should load!

Installing Peeks on HTML

You can also use your unique Peeks widget snippet in a regular HTML page, adding it inside the <head> tag of every page you want the Peeks Customer Feedback widget to load on.

After you've added your widget snippet to your website, reload the page to activate your Peeks Website. You should see the Peeks Feedback button load after a couple of seconds.

Your Peeks widget is now live and ready to receive juicy customer feedback!

Test your Peeks widget

Click the Feedback button, type yourself a little message and click send. This message will then be emailed to your Peeks Website email. You can also view the feedback under your website site details page.

Enjoy Peeks! I hope your visitors send you some valuable insights!